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Design Ark, a manufacturer of Loyalty cards, Membership cards and Epoxy Stickers.

Design Ark is a Penang-based designing company. The Company was  established in 1971 and  expanded fast with the economic boom to provide the much needed services in an area where others did not have the know-how. For 10 years the company has been providing printing services for souvenir items to all strata of  business locally.

With the advent of plastic in the 80's, armed with sound skills and business knowledge Design Ark ventured into the world of plastics and since then the company has been providing both locally and nation-wide items such as:

  Membership Card
  Hotel Key Cards,
  Luggage Tags
  Magnetic-Stripe Cards
  ID Plastic card
  Medical Plastic Cards

In 1994 the company added another new production line -
Epoxy Stickers to the business which is another popular item.

We also have a large range of gifts and souvenirs for any company event.
Our prices are reasonable.
We cater for all type of orders - big or small.
There is a special department to cater for
(from 100 pcs per design)

For all queries and orders e-mail us now at :